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Non-alloy steel for casting guides, mill cylinders, various tools (hardness 150-350 HB)
Low-alloy steel (steel grades T30MoCrNi25, T13VCr65, T20CrNi80) for casting plugs, mill cylinders (hardness 350-550 HB)
Heat resistant steel (high alloyed with Cr, addition of Al, Si)
Martensitic heat resistant steel (5-22% Cr, addition of Al, Si, Mo, Ni, steel grades T40SiCr130, X19CrMo121) to manufacture armors for furnaces
Ferritic heat resistant steel (17-30% Cr, addition of Si, Al) to manufacture heaters or stoves
Austentic heat resistant steel (high content of Cr, Ni, steel grades X12NiCrSi36.16, GX40CrNiSi25.20) to manufacture hardening boxes, crucibles for bath salts, combustion chambers for turbojet and gas turbine, heat recovery
Austenitic-ferritic heat resistant steel (steel grades T190NiCr320, T20NiCr325, T185NiCr285) to manufacture guides, reelers, elongators (hardness 350-500 HB)

Stainless steel (Fe-C-Cr alloys, max. 0.1% C, min. 12% Cr)
Martensitic stainless steel (min.0, 1% C, 12-17% Cr, steel grades 30 Cr130, 40Cr130) to manufacture walls for furnaces, thermal & hydraulic machines, ships, kitchen utensils, surgical instruments
Ferritic steel (0,1-0,35% C, 15-30% Cr, steel grades 12Cr130) to manufacture equipments for chemical industry
Austenitic stainless steel (max.0,1% C, 12-25% Cr, 8-30% Ni) to manufacture constructive elements of heat treatment furnaces, chemical industry


Grey Iron
To manufacture mill cylinders (hardness 150-250 HB)
High-alloy Heat resistant to manufacture punching guides and linealelor netezitoare stoppers, corks duo (hardness 320-380 HB)
Special irons to produce LRA rolls, calibration tools for high temperatures, mill cylinders


Brass (Cu-Zn alloys) to manufacture bearings, gears, bearings for shipbuilding
Bronze with tin (Cu-Sn alloys) to manufacture bearings, gears, bearings for shipbuilding
Bronze with Al (alloy Cu-Al) to manufactures sheets, strips, rods, extruded profiles, tubes, forged parts, cast in fittings, pumps, bearings, gears for naval industry


Aluminum alloys (Al-Cu, Al-Si (siluminiu), Al-Mg, Al-Zn) to manufacture temperature resistant parts, pistons, cylinder heads, for food industry, power industry