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ROM DINAROM S.R.L. manufactures and merchandises, especially, the following cast products:
Tools for rolling: piercing plugs, elongators, reelers, piercing guiding shoes, reeler guiding shoes, intermediary guides, rollers from steel (tool alloy) steels and heat resistant cast iron
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Tools and devices for heat treatments: cases, baskets, supporters, rollers, plates for conveyors to be used within heat treatment furnaces and aggregates from heat resistant steels and cast iron

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Ferrous cast products for various uses: grills, plates, lids, bearings from non-alloy/alloy steels and grey-iron/high-alloy heat resistant-iron

Non-ferrous cast products (Alluminium, Bronze)



ROM DINAROM S.R.L. offers the following services in addition to manufacturing and selling cast products:
Design of products and technologies
Primary and secondary heat treatments (according to technical standards or at request);
Machining/tooling of the cast products (at request, in close cooperation with another company in the group);
Transport at distance for cast products (larger orders).